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12 Reasons To Schedule Mike Kubasak:

  1. Mike is unique: A combination of experienced funeral-cremation provider, funeral home owner, thought leader, innovator and life adventurer. Mike is a “coach” to successful leader in the industry and profession.
  2. Mike delivers triple-action: Motivation that enthuses the audience; Inspiration based on real-life business examples; Education in showing how seeing, thinking and acting differently increases success.
  3. Mike is focused on the right outcome for you: To increase the success of your business and fulfillment of your people.
  4. Mike can deliver high customer satisfaction and return on investment: Being good is not good enough; you must think and act differently. When this happens a synergy occurs – increasing productivity, impacting your business, market and bottom line.
  5. Mike delivers powerful messages: Enlightening, thought provoking, challenging, entertaining and delivered with a passion.
  6. Mike is a specialist: With more than 40 years hands-on experience, Mike is a recognized expert and authority in funeral-cremation service and customer satisfaction. Mike willingly shares his knowledge in how to deal with the ‘new consumer.”
  7. Mike is refreshing and authentic: Mike is an industry leader, ahead of the curve on topics of current interest.
  8. Mike has broad appeal: Mike’s message is for the owner, CEO, manager, technician, arranger, director, crematory operator and funeral-cremation provider.
  9. Mike is credible: Mike is a best-selling author, syndicated newspaper columnist, expert witness in legal cases, experienced business owner, licensed practitioner, feature columnist in professional-trade journals and well-known speaker.
  10. Mike is endorsed: A recognized visionary, he has the support of major manufacturers and suppliers, trade and professional journals, state funeral associations and boards of licensing-continuing education; his book is required reading in most colleges of mortuary science. Call him if you need help in finding a sponsor for your event.
  11. Mike is positive: Mike’s message is clear and uplifting; his enthusiasm and passion for the industry is infectious.
  12. Audiences enjoy Mike: Mike understands the challenges of independent ownership, the demands made on funeral-cremation providers and in dealing with the “new consumer.”
  13. Mike customizes programs: 100% of Mike’s programs are tailored to the needs of the sponsoring company or organization.

In addition, Mike…

Is Creative…Empowering…Inspiring…Can answer your questions…Will make you think…Speaks your language…Has a great sense of humor.