Advanced Cremation

Advanced Cremation Arranging: Integrating Creativity, Value & Understanding…

The “how to” seminar for all funeral professionals wanting to maximize upon the opportunity of cremation and the “new consumer” seeking burial services.

You’ll walk away from the seminar…

Advanced Cremation Arranging: Integrating Creativity, Value & Understanding being:

  1. More motivated
  2. More inspired
  3. More knowledgeable
  4. More confident
  5. More caring
  6. More committed
  7. More personal
  8. More driven to succeed
  9. More positive
  10. More involved
  11. More client family focused
  12. More fulfilled

Past attendees agree, it is THE ONLY SEMINAR OF ITS KIND.

“I will never be an order taker again thanks to you.” “You opened my eyes to the opportunity of cremation.” “You’ve given me the roadmap as to how I can be the cremation expert in my service area.” “I now know how to really communicate with a family.” “They never taught us this in Mortuary College.”

Who should attend?

Funeral-cremation arrangers, both at need and pre need

All personnel who interact with client families in person or on the telephone

Owners, managers and directors

This is the seminar your competitor does not want you to attend!

Those in attendance will learn the following…and more:

  • How to respond professionally when a client family says, “We want cremation” and eliminate the “order taker” mentality
  • The major differences between burial consumers and cremation consumers and 5 things you must do differently in the arrangement conference with cremation consumers that increase revenues
  • 10 high quality questions to ask that provide the arranger with ways to increase ceremony and service selection
  • Recognize the 4 decisions that every family must make and how to present them to the client family
  • How to present merchandise, e.g., containers, urns, jewelry and more, for maximum effectiveness and selection without being seen as a salesperson
  • How to ensure that an urn is selected 100% of the time
  • How you can eliminate unclaimed cremated remains from your funeral home and/or crematory
  • 5 simple steps to take that causes the client family to see the arranger as a consultant, not a salesperson
  • Key things that your competitor does not know that will increase your case volume and differentiate your company from all the rest
  • Effective communication tips that move cremation consumers away from “direct” to choose more ceremony, service and merchandise
  • What you can do to become recognized as the cremation expert in your community in addition to being the burial expert
  • And much, much more!

The schedule for attending Advanced Cremation Arranging is listed in the Calendar section. If you would like to schedule this seminar for your organization, company or group, please give Mike a call at: (702) 345-3212 or via e-mail at: