Power-FULL Questions

Mike Kubasak’s
Power-FULL Questions for the Arrangement Conference

The following Power Questions are proven to get client families talking. This means that you, the arranger, must now listen to them. By listening, you will acquire valuable information as to how the family thinks and feels. You may learn how you can be of real service to them and with your creativity, make this planning and farewell process a memorable experience for them. For sure, they will remember that you did not “sell” them, but served them. For maximum effectiveness, prepare one, two or three of these questions in advance of meeting with the family.

  1. Help me understand more about what you said.
  2. When you reflect on the accomplishments of your (father, mother, etc.) what would you like the rest of the family and your friends remember?
  3. Share with me other experiences you have had in planning a funeral, a burial, cremation or a memorial celebration?
  4. What is the most memorable thing you remember from any funeral you have attended?
  5. Tell me, how familiar are you with cremation (or burial, etc.)?
  6. If you could create the type of farewell that reflects how your (father, mother, etc.) lived, describe it to me.
  7. What did your (father, mother, etc.) like most about living here?
  8. What is your (father’s, mother’s, etc.) favorite restaurant? Food? Beverage?
  9. How do you see your family and friends reacting without having any opportunity to say goodbye (to your father, mother, etc.)?
  10. Share with me some thoughts that come to mind when you think of your (father, mother, etc.)?
  11. What are some things about pre-planning that make you uncomfortable, hesitant or uncertain about following through?
  12. Describe for me what you would consider to be the perfect way to handle your (father’s, mother’s, etc.) cremated remains?
  13. What are your thoughts about placing the ashes in a natural, outdoor setting?
  14. Describe some of the attributes you look for from your funeral director or the funeral home that you choose?
  15. Tell me the experience you would like your family and friends to have from attending the life celebration?
  16. Share with me some of things that made your (father, mother, etc.) laugh? Cry?
  17. Help me understand how important it would be to you to have all of this (the arrangements or pre-need) taken care of the way you want it to be?
  18. So I provide proper information, what do you plan on doing with urn?
  19. How important would it be to the family to have your (father’s, mother’s etc.) cremated remains in multiple sites or with multiple people?
  20. Tell me, how open are you to suggestions?
  21. Share with me your thoughts about having a private time to say goodbye.
  22. It would be helpful if you could tell me more about that?
  23. How familiar are you with the professional care we provide to deceased persons?
  24. Share with me how familiar you are about the cremation (burial, shipment) process?