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Traversing the Minefield

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From the author of the best-selling

Cremation and the Funeral Director

The first and only book that gives funeral -cremation providers the tips and tools to

üavoid lawsuits & costly settlements

üreduce risk on burial & cremation calls

üimprove service to client families as you

build stronger safeguards …

    … improve peace of mind ...

       … always inform before you perform

Traversing the Minefield
Best Practice:
Reducing Risk
In Funeral-Cremation Service

 By Michael Kubasak
William M. Lamers., Jr., MD

Softcover: 473 pages
LMG Publishing (2007)
Language: English
ISBN: 0-9669263-2-3
Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 X 1.2 inches
Shipping Weight:
1.2 pounds
Price:  $49.95

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Book Description

Few books have challenged, inspired or helped funeral-cremation professionals like Mike Kubasak’s 1990 classic, Cremation and the Funeral Director. Indeed, Kubasak’s first book launched a revolution in American funeral directors’ understanding of cremation and attitudes toward families that choose it. The influential best-seller has helped thousands of firms improve service options, expand merchandise offerings, retool arrangement conferences and boost both profit on cremation calls and family satisfaction.

That’s one tough act to follow — but amazingly, Kubasak has surpassed his debut performance with the long-awaited second book, Traversing the Minefield — Best Practice: Reducing Risk in Funeral-Cremation Service It’s a virtual “how not to get sued” guide at a time when litigation against deathcare professionals is becoming both more costly and more prevalent. Even the most conscientious funeral-cremation providers will discover danger spots they had never considered, as well as smart, practical strategies they would never have devised on their own or learned from another source. During the past three decades, Kubasak has developed a reputation as one of the profession’s foremost due-diligence experts, and Traversing the Minefield addresses the topic with authority, insight and hard-won experience.

It’s doubtful that anyone could have written this book as well as Kubasak has, and critics within the profession are already calling it “a ‘must read’ for all funeral service-cremation practitioners” … the “most direly needed book ever published for funeral-service professionals” … a “daily desk reference” and “exceptional resource.” Little wonder: Traversing the Minefield is a triumph of both content and presentation, and Kubasak has shown once again why he his one of the profession’s most respected standard-bearers for progress, integrity and accountability.

This long-time funeral-home owner, consultant and expert witness has always had a winning way with words; Kubasak’s plain-talking eloquence is full of clarity and candor, but also exuberance and optimism — the kind that can only come from a writer who respects his readers and firmly believes in their capacity for change. Those qualities have made Kubasak the most-in demand speaker in funeral service, and they are in top form in Traversing the Minefield. His latest book is even more conversational and compelling than its predecessor — and far more lively and enjoyable to read than anything that has been published for funeral-cremation professionals in the past decade.

Moreover, the book’s chapters are intelligently & intuitively organized, following the chronology of a firm’s provision of care to a family — from the first call and removal … through arrangement, preparation and services … and culminating with burial or cremation, final disposition and follow-up contacts with loved ones. At each stage, Kubasak maps out the growing risks and hidden pitfalls, offers case examples and anecdotes, then provides concrete steps to prevent mistakes & misunderstandings. The book is a gold mine of Best Practice culled from the author’s own operating challenges and experiences …  his consulting work with funeral homes throughout the U.S. and Canada … his frequent assignments as an expert witness in cases involving funeral-cremation providers … and from the nearly 3 years of additional research that he conducted specifically for the writing of this book.

Throughout Traversing the Minefield, Kubasak’s “Inform Before You Perform” philosophy emerges not just as a powerful unifying theme, but also as a mantra that any funeral-cremation provider would be foolish not to adopt.

But none of these winning plays would matter — not the wonderful writing, the easy-to-follow presentation nor the cover-to-cover cohesiveness — if Traversing the Minefield didn’t deliver the goods. And Kubasak’s latest book does just that … in spades. Filled with proven strategies, field-tested tips, expert documents and ready-to use tools, this remarkable, 473-page resource helps funeral-cremation professionals

Improve interactions with client families and increase satisfaction — with confidence-boosting “Inform Before You Perform” principles

Adopt Best Practice that will enhance their firms’ reputation & professionalism while protecting their investment and livelihood

Assess areas of key liability within funeral homes and crematories

Make smart changes & corrections that will reduce the likelihood of mishaps, oversights and lawsuits

Build stronger policies and improve documentation in every aspect of a funeral home’s operations — to tighten procedures, prevent mistakes and provide greater peace of mind ... for both families and providers

Avoid property & liability insurance glitches — with expert advice on how to select a carrier and ensure that the right kinds of policies and amounts of coverage are in place, based on the provider’s volume and market profile

Discover how emotional distress can turn a routine complaint into a costly lawsuit — and get guidelines to better manage conflicts and mistakes from Dr. Bill Lamers, one of the nation’s top expert witness in emotional distress cases

While Kubasak makes it clear that Traversing the Minefield is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney, it would cost a funeral-home owner tens of thousands of dollars to compile even half of the expert guidance or develop even just one of the dozens of forms that this author provides for less than the cost of dinner for two. Given that, Traversing the Minefield is not just an essential guide for any firm that provides funeral-cremation services … it’s also an exceptional value.

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