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“If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue getting what you’ve always gotten.”

Welcome to Price Shopper Secrets…the only program of its kind that is laser-focused exclusively for funeral professionals.

The above quote reflects what most funeral directors get when dealing with price shoppers. To get more of these calls – and not your competitor – you must be willing to do things a little differently – see the price shopper differently – understand what the price shopper is really after (hint: it’s not always lowest price) – and stop handling shoppers like your competitor does. Be different – not coming across as an order-taker or simple “price-quoter” on the phone.

That’s why I developed the Price Shopper’s Secret program – a program for funeral service professionals, arrangers and employees who answer telephones at funeral homes.

It’s a fact: More and more consumers are “shopping” funeral homes by telephone to determine which firm to choose. Price Shopper Secrets shows you how to capture 50-60-70% of these calls and have them become your client family. Guaranteed. Imagine winning 7 out of 10 calls and what this would mean to your bottom line!

The most successful firms know that “shopper” calls are an “opportunity in disguise.” I mean, after all, they are calling you, so they’ve gotten your name and phone number from a reliable source. How you deal with the call means: You will either “win” the call or give them reason to choose a competitor.

Are you sick and tired of spending your valuable time on the phone only to be told, “We’ll call you back” or losing the call entirely?

Are you sick and tired of not having all of your staff skilled, effective and comfortable in answering price shopper calls?

Are you sick and tired of dealing with callers who only seem interested in lowest price and not “value” received?

Are you sick and tired of being defensive when a shopper asks, “How much does cremation cost?”

Are you sick and tired of not standing out from the competition even though you represent the best value in your market?

Here’s the remedy: Price Shopper Secrets program

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As an owner of a funeral home in the competitive southern California market, I struggled with these same issues and price shopper calls until I discovered the “secrets” that helped me win 70% of these calls for my firm. Some valuable lessons I learned were:

bullet I did not have to quote the lowest price
bullet I did not have to match a competitor’s low-ball price
bullet Not every “shopper” was seeking the lowest price but most wanted highest value and trustworthy service
bullet Just by handling these calls differently than the competition did, price became “besides the point” many times

To train myself and then my staff, I concentrated on three key areas:

  1. The funeral director – arranger
  2. The caller – shopper
  3. Winning the call

CAUTION: Don’t be misled by other training programs that are theory-based with no hands-on experience and do not offer a guarantee to win more calls!

The Price Shopper Secrets program is guaranteed to:

  • Make you more confident and effective on the telephone, even with consumers who only want lowest price
  • Eliminate the order-taker – price-quoter mentality
  • Provide you with proven powerful questions that demonstrates your unique value and establishes trust
  • Help you uncover what the shopper really wants
  • Show you how to describe the benefits of choosing your firm
  • Demonstrate how to distinguish your firm from the competition
  • Win you more calls without having to match a low price

The Price Shopper Secrets program is about:

  • Helping you become a skilled communicator
  • Distinguishing your firm and your value from all others
  • Connecting with and understanding callers and uncovering what they really want
  • Investing in your career and that of your staff to ensure successful telephone-shopper skills
  • Identifying the callers problems and “buying” obstacles
  • Doing things in a new way and realizing new, improved results
  • Increasing your call volume and funeral home revenues
  • Not losing any more calls to your competitor

I’ve put this program into three key areas:

  1. The Foundation which discusses common deficiencies found in most funeral homes, Three Pillars to create a winning mindset are examined, Eight Steps in starting the price shopping call are explored, and how to create power statements that distinguish you from other firms.
  2. Finding the customer’s hot button in which you identify issues beyond price alone and uncovering what the caller is looking for, how being friendly overpowers salesmanship, and how benefit statements turn into new business.
  3. Winning: Questions that make THE difference
    in which you’ll be given power questions proven to cause the caller to consider much more than price, and 10 ingredients to develop your own power questions.

Win more price shoppers – guaranteed with the Price Shopper Secrets program
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Think of this…

  • No hiring of “funeral consultants” on a daily basis of $2,000 per day…
  • No registering for a seminar at a far away location…
  • No loss of staff time away from the office…
  • No expense for costly airfare, hotels or restaurants…
  • No dealing with “consultants” unfamiliar with your business…

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