Kubasak Line: Jan. 15, 2010

“I never wear a watch because I know it’s now – and now is when you should do it.”
– Steve Mariucci, 49ers coach

It’s the start of a New Year and time to reflect on last year’s accomplishments, admit to shortcomings and renew your spirit for 2010. Sometimes traditional thinking and activities stifle success. It’s OK to break away from tradition, but above all, don’t let “knowing” prevent you from “doing.” Doing leads to improved performance and business revenues.

Here are some personal questions to challenge your thinking and stimulate your “doing.”

What are some of the distinctive strengths of your organization? Make a list. Okay, so you know what these are but do you communicate them to clients seeking your service? If perspective clients aren’t told about your distinctive qualities and offerings, they will likely see you as being the same as the competition…and sameness is the enemy.

How easy (or difficult) is it to work through issues or implement initiatives across the organization? Do you become frustrated because other employees continue to promote old habits and resist doing things differently? Have you made initiatives clear and asked employees to interpret their understanding of the initiative back to you? Are one or two persons sabotaging your efforts and causing others to give less than 110%?

What would you most like to change that you have control over? Maybe it’s losing weight or quitting smoking. Maybe it’s preparing an agenda for the next staff meeting so as to assure that key items are not overlooked. You have no control over things like seeing to it that employees report to work in a good mood. They and they alone, are responsible for this.

What would you like to work on for yourself personally? This could include relationships, leadership effectiveness, listening, understanding others, enhancing your questioning skills, just to name a few. Maybe personal coaching would be ideal to help you cope with the demands of your business?

If any employees or associates in the business are not committed as they should be or you do not trust them, or their leadership skills are less than what they should be, why do you retain them? Okay, you’ve talked with them, you’ve spent money on training programs and educational opportunities, and the results are not what you hoped for. Is it time to search for more qualified help?

What things do you know you should be focusing on that you are not? Are you “scattered” and all over the board? Okay, you want to serve 25 additional families in 2010…do you have a plan or do you merely hope it will happen? Without a plan you could be missing real opportunity to grow your business. How about handing your business card to five new people everyday…meeting the staff at the Nursing Office at the local medical center…or hosting a clergy day at the crematory?

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