What Others Say

Traversing the Minefield just might be the most important and direly needed book ever published for funeral-service professionals. Kubasak pulls no punches as he reveals widespread shortcomings in current practices and the dangers of sticking to the status quo. This excellent book offers page after page of practical, plain-English strategies and tools to reduce the likelihood of lawsuits and costly, reputation-damaging mistakes. A must-read for all funeral-service practitioners, as well as those who support, represent and advise them.”

Doug Hernan
President, FuneralServe Enterprises
Former Editor & Publisher, Funeral Service Insider

“This ‘must read’ book is for all funeral-cremation practitioners. It will be required reading for my managers, senior staff, funeral directors, and crematory operators. The information in this book should be constantly “top of mind” to those who want to operate ethically and safely. Inform before performing is a great mantra…then document it!”

John Carmon, CFSP
President, Carmon Community Funeral Homes, Meridian, CT
Past President, National Funeral Directors Association

“Mike has documented policies, procedures, principles and rationales that effectively create a Best Practice operations manual. He sets the business operations bar at a level that will earn customer trust, loyalty and accolades for a firm. This book is about “doing the right thing” and everything is explained with examples reinforcing the premise presented. Must reading for CEO to part-time associate, from student to embalmer, from cremationist to pre-need counselor, from office staff to maintenance staff.”

Ernie Heffner
President, Heffner Funeral Chapels & Crematory, York, PA
Founder & Dean, ICCFA Cremation College

“No other book, manual or guide has addressed the risk issues confronting funeral service today as does Kubasak’s book. His personal and professional experiences give him insight and knowledge that most funeral directors would not encounter in a lifetime. This is not just good information – this is critical information that every funeral director and crematory operator needs to know and employ.”

Tom Snyder
Vice-President, Facultatieve Technologies The Americas
Past President, Cremation Association of North America

“Mike has put due diligence in an easy-to-follow format that will help owners and operators avoid the minefields we read about all-to-often. This book serves as a not-so-subtle reminder of what needs to be done to make sure your business does not end up on a court docket.”

Edward J. Defort
Publisher & Editorial Director
American Funeral Director & American Cemetery magazines

“This excellent book should be a daily desk reference. It contains practical information and helpful information that every industry member should read and know.”

Harvey I. Lapin, P.C.
Lapin & Associates,Former General Counsel.
Cremation Association of North America

“This book is a ‘strike of lightning from a clear sky!’ Not available in any other book, this book covers how the funeral service provider can best serve client families. As a textbook and reference guide, it walks the reader through the land mines of serving a client today. This book should be in every funeral home, in the hands of every licensee, embalmer and sub-contractor. No one should give thought to operating a crematory without reading this book. Mike teaches you how to document, document, document.”

Robert G. Mayer
Funeral director-embalmer
Author, Embalming – History, Theory, and Practice

“The most complete guide on the subject of cremation liability.”

T. Scott Gilligan, Esq.
Gilligan Law Offices
General Counsel, National Funeral Directors Association

“This book addresses numerous issues with an eye for preventing misunderstandings and other issues that can potentially lead to lawsuits. All in all, it is a very comprehensive “guide” to good policies and Best Practice, and will likely be a valued reference for the legal community, as well as death care and funeral service providers and cremationists.”

Ron A. Hast
Publisher, Abbott & Hast Publications

“This book contains the most comprehensive and beneficial collection of Best Practice available to the funeral profession. Mike outlines the steps that help you protect your business and reputation, while better serving families. The real-life stories hit home.”

Mark J. Panciera
Past President, Florida Funeral Directors Association
Director of Business Development, The Whitmore Group

“For the funeral-cremation provider, Traversing the Minefield levels the playing field in dealing with lawsuit-slinging lawyers and provides a step-by-step approach to avoid legal landmines in funeral service today. The book is a treasure, offering the proverbial “ounce of prevention” and dealing with disputes. An absolute must read!”

Rick Obadiah
President, Star Legacy Funeral Network, Inc.

“Kubasak and Lamers have written an important book that should be read by everyone connected with funeral service. As a past consultant to NFDA for 25 years, I am familiar with the problems that funeral practitioners face today. The authors address these different issues head on. In simple and straightforward language they offer recommendations and solutions that reflect their insights and many years of experience. This book astutely cautions us once again that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

Robert Fulton, Ph.D
Professor of Sociology, Emeritus
University of Minnesota

“Mike reveals the hidden woes that all funeral providers face from the initial first-call through disposition. It is his personal mission to inspire his colleagues to continually improve service toward excellence. Those who follow the recommended Best Practice will be in a much better position to defend claims and lawsuits.”

David M. Overstreet IV, Esq.
Overstreet & Associates

“Mike did it again and hit the target! This is a must read book on risk management. By implementing Best Practice, funeral directors can mitigate the perils of serving families in a litigious society.”

Ric Newton
President, Newton-Bracewell Funeral Homes, Chico, CA
Past President, California Funeral Directors Association