7 Reasons to Buy and Read Traversing the Minefield

Traversing the Minefield

Critics call this new book a MUST-READ for all funeral-cremation providers. Here’s why:

  1. Funeral-cremation services are more of a lawsuit magnet than ever – but Traversing the Minefield helps your firm avoid shaky third-party providers and costly lawsuits.

    Funeral homes paid up to $8.7 million EACH in the Tri-State Crematory tragedy. Experts predict settlements might top $100 million for Bayview Crematory and its client firms. And many scandals are quietly festering, ready to erupt at any moment. But with Traversing the Minefield, you get proven strategies for choosing an outside crematory; performing thorough, unannounced inspections; and keeping your firm out of court – even if your third-provider gets sued.

  2. Quality-of care concerns have led to more litigation in all aspects of cremation-funeral services, including burial calls. But you’re less likely to ever receive a summons when you read and apply Traversing the Minefield’s Best Practice.

    Thousands of funeral homes have been sued during the past decade on everything from embalming issues and body mix-ups, to arguments over next-of-kin rights and estranged relatives. That’s why Traversing the Minefield is filled with strategies to prevent complaints from turning litigious … tighten identification processes and other key elements of your operation, so there’s less room for mistakes and misunderstandings … and routinely document the fine details of every call, so that you’re covered if a family or lawyer ever questions your quality of care and chain-of-custody procedures.

  3. Trial lawyers have funeral-cremation service in their crosshairs – but Traversing the Minefield will make your firm less of an easy target.

    Tri-State, Menorah Gardens, Bayview and other scandals have put funeral-cremation service on the legal profession’s radar like never before. Trial lawyers know that jurors are far more likely to empathize with a grieving family – and that often turns the settlement in their favor. But not with Traversing the Minefield as your guide. Your families will be even more pleased with your service and quality of care – and less likely to even dream of calling their attorney. Plus, by consistently putting Best Practice in place, your firm’s operations and documentation will become so thorough – and so airtight – a plaintiffs’ attorney might decide it’s not even worth trying to sue.

  4. Your property & liability insurance might be not be the safety net you hoped it would be. That’s why Traversing the Minefield helps you make the right choices on carriers, types of policy, coverage amounts and more.

    Some carriers are fighting harder than ever to avoid paying a single dime for legal fees, settlements or jury awards- especially if a policyholder or its third-party partners face allegations of fraud. And many funeral-cremation providers simply don’t have enough insurance to protect against the sorts of risks and potential damages that they face today. But Traversing the Minefield gives you proven tips to select the right carrier and avoid contract clauses that could leave your firm hamstrung or vulnerable if a lawsuit arises. Also, discover what types of insurance products and how much coverage you need, based on your volume and market profile.

  5. Just one major mistake can put your firm out of business. But Traversing the Minefield helps you make errors & complaints less likely – and when they do arise, far less damaging.

    The TV crews and newspaper reporters might have cleared out of Noble, Georgia, years ago – but the Tri-State story continued to take a tragic turn afterwards. Many of the crematory’s 56 client funeral homes were forced to close their doors forever – all because they didn’t know how to perform due diligence on outside providers or just didn’t bother. Traversing the Minefield can’t guarantee you’ll never make a mistake … but it will give you lessons learned and practical strategies to help you hold crematories, trade embalmers and livery services to Best Practice, plus tighten your own funeral home’s procedures on everything from first calls to the handling of unclaimed cremated remains.

  6. You get a comprehensive, plain-English reference that covers every step of serving a family – in one easy-to-read book. Traversing the Minefield is the only resource you need to help your firm reduce risk and provide even better service & safeguards.

    Now, there’s no need to hunt for the missing pieces of your due-diligence strategy. No need to worry about which crucial steps were left out of an article or presentation on reducing risk. No need to build a procedures-improvement plan from scratch. Plus, Traversing the Mainfield is written in the same conversational, colleague-to-colleague style that made Cremation and the Funeral Director a best-selling classic. No jargon. No legalese. No fluff or filler. Just Best Practice, case examples and proven strategies that are easy to implement and understand.

  7. Traversing the Minefield gives you field-tested forms, checklists and other valuable documents. Talk about a bargain: You get thousands of dollars’ worth of due-diligence tools for less than you’d spend on dinner for two.

    From crematory-inspection checklists and authorization forms, to receipts for documenting removals; transfers to a crematory or cemetery; and a family’s receipt of cremated remains, Traversing the Minefield provides dozens of field-tested tools that help you tighten every aspect of your firm’s day-to-day operations. You’ll better document everything that happens on a burial or cremation call – so that you can demonstrate top-notch professionalism and protect your firm whenever questions arise about your handling of a case.