Cremation and the Funeral Director:

Successfully Meeting the Challenge
The Avalon Press, Malibu, CA

by Michael W. Kubasak

With twenty five years experience in the most volatile funeral service area in the United States, Mike Kubasak has the credentials to speak on funerals and cremation. During the 1970’s many Californians reacted to tabloid sensationalism about funerals by turning to entrepreneurs who offered low cost cremation and immediate disposition. Funeral directors were generally unprepared to respond to the challenge of cremation and immediate disposition. This book, rich with case examples, details the experience and thinking of one funeral director who met and mastered the challenge of cremation. It is not one, long success story. It recounts the painful realizations, the search for answers, the primitive (yet effective) approach toward market research, and the beginning successes. This is a ‘back to basics” book that stresses the fundamental value of funeral service and the necessity for attention to detail. It is filled with useful insights and information for those who have dealt with cremation oriented families. It is also of great value for those who will face the challenge in the not too distant future.


“Until now there has not been anything written which helps the funeral director with specific advice on how to meet the challenge of cremation. With this book, Michael Kubasak fills that void. In a rather innovative writing style he identifies for us the changes needed in our attitude toward cremation in order for us to be more helpful to the families who select cremation. He encourages us to be more creative and adaptive in finding ways to meet their specific needs.”

From the Introduction by Royal Keith – Past President NFDA


“…and have made it mandatory reading for our funeral directors. Cremation and the Funeral Director is as timely today as it was when you wrote it in 1990 and is not a book to read and put on the shelf …. It is to be read and used continually as you will find excellent advice and counsel to help families who select cremation as a final disposition and not a type of service. If there is one book that has all the answers for serving the cremation family, this is it.

…it is even more timely today than ten years ago for most of us.”

January 10, 2002: John C. Carmon, CFSP – Past President NFDA

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