Jeffrey Present, Present & Sixbey Funeral Home, Jamestown, NY
“The risk management seminar was the absolutely BEST program I have ever attended.”

Douglas Downey, Funeral Director, Pennsylvania
“Your program about avoiding lawsuits is great and awesome. Thank you.”

Gary Duarte, Professional Cremation Arranging, Illinois Funeral Director:
“These two days were the absolute best two days of professional development I have ever attended. Thank you, Mike.”

John Jones, Illinois Funeral Director:
“There is no other program like this anywhere in funeral service. It is simply the best I have attended.”

Fred Wayne, Bliley Funeral Homes in Richmond, VA
“Your training program, Professional Cremation Arranging, is a model program. You taught me the value of establishing rapport and trust. This program is reality-based, filled with practical information that can be implemented immediately with tremendous results. You have empowered the entire staff at Bliley Funeral Homes in Richmond, Virginia.”

Bill Carter, Director of Training, Bliley Funeral Homes, Richmond, VA
“Attending the Professional Cremation Arranging seminar was an eye-opening, awesome experience! You provided the pathway for our firm to increase revenues, increase case volume and communicate in a practical, realistic manner the value of funeral ceremonies. I now see cremation as opportunity. You provided the steps for us to move forward and serve cremation families that will be rewarding for the firm and client family.”

” W.D. “Skip” Tharp, Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory, Bedford, VA.
“The knowledge you shared about preventing lawsuits in funeral home operations is invaluable. The group enjoyed the program and learned more than they expected.

Paul Henney, Owner, Henney Family Services, Bethel Park, PA.
“Mike, the Advanced Cremation Arranging seminar was the most informative and innovative program that I have ever attended in my 25 years of funeral service. You have lit a fire under me and renewed my passion.”

Ed Latkovic, VP/COO, Henney Family, Pittsburgh, PA.
“The Advanced Cremation Arranging seminar was the best I have ever attended. You have opened my eyes to the opportunity that cremation presents to funeral service. Thank you!”

Capillas Benito Flores, funeral home owner, Monterry, Mexico.
“Mike holds your attention from start to finish…he makes you think…his message is like a ‘loud roar’ and he knows how to help improve your business. A great presentation.”

John C. Carmon, CFSP, Carmon Family Funeral Homes, Past President National Funeral Directors Association:
” Mike is truly a “man ahead of his time.” His experiences are invaluable to funeral directors…he knows how to teach us to build relationships with client families and how to enhance the experience we offer. His methods are the best and I have adopted them! His book is a must read for every funeral arranger.

Paul Dixon, Executive Director, Illinois Funeral Directors Association:
“You made our spring seminar (2003) a huge success…you are the greatest guy I’ve heard…you really know your stuff…we’ll have you back to Illinois soon.”

Mark B. Allen, Director of Education, International Order of the Golden Rule:
“Your presentation was key to our ‘Best Annual Conference’…a great combination of humor and valuable information…in command of the audience…a message that will stick with our members…Bring us more speakers like Mike Kubasak…Bring back Mike Kubasak soon!”

John Horan,CFSP, President, Horan & McConaty Funeral & Cremation Service:
“Thank you for the leadership…your passion for what you do shows…your teaching makes important differences…you are a distinguished speaker.”

Shawn W. Kingston CFSP, Manager, Kingston & Kemp Home:Funeral
“The principles you teach have greatly added to our profitability. Your risk assessment workshop gives us a safer and more consumer-friendly practice. I have learned more from you than anyone else…you are a shining light in funeral service.”

Pamela Vail, Funeral Director, Valley Funeral Home:
“You are an enthusiastic speaker who keeps my attention…I returned to the office and implemented your steps and had an immediate improvement in client family satisfaction and revenue! Can’t wait for the next seminar!”

Sue Johnston, Executive Director, Oregon Funeral Directors Association:
“Your speaking skills are dynamic and the information is very relevant…you gave specific ways to manage the risks of cremation that our members needed to hear…thank you for making our convention a huge success!”

William M. Lamers, Jr., M.D., Medical Consultant, Hospice Foundation of America:
“You are the quintessential caring and sensitive funeral director…a great teacher, knowledgeable, practical advice, great sense of humor…your enthusiasm is matched only by your ability and sincerity.”

Dean Whitsett, CFSP, Whitsett Family Funeral Home:
“I have been to a lot of seminars but yours is the best…down to earth, practical advice, easy to implement…your principles have increased my revenues and helped me grown my case volume. Thank you!”

James T. Simmons, Jr., CFSP, Funeral director:
“Mike is knowledgeable and a gifted speaker…he makes one think and re-think how we deal with cremation and the risks associated with it…Mike taught me how to take nothing for granted and to dot my I’s and cross my t’s.”

Marty Graybill, GRI, Prudential Real Estate
“Mike has helped my business tremendously by sharing his great business sense with me, in a practical, no-nonsense, easy-to-understand manner…he has helped me improve my people skills and has energized my business to higher levels of success.”

John L. Lawrence, Funeral Director:
“Thank you for all the great information about cremation…your safe practice process will be a great help to me…you are dynamic and energetic…I was kept interested from your first word…come back again to Oregon…we need more of you.”

Steve C. Yeakel, CAE, Executive Director, Montana Funeral Directors Association:
“You rate with the best of all speakers…you challenged our members and gave them practical concepts they can implement…you showed us how to provide better service to our families…thank you.”