Question: What services does Mike Kubasak provide?


  1. Keynote addresses to international and Fortune 500 Companies, national-state-local funeral service associations, and other customer-intensive, service-related businesses and professions.
  2. Multi-day, full-day, half-day workshops, seminars and presentations.
  3. Consulting to business owners and managers of funeral homes and service businesses.
  4. Expert witness consultation on legal issues involving funeral-burial-cremation matters.

Question: Who are some of the organizations that have used you in the past?

To name just a few, keynote addresses and presentations have been made to National Funeral Directors Association, Order of the Golden Rule, New Jersey Funeral Service Education Foundation, Service Corporation International, Metropolitan Funeral Directors of New York City, Casket Manufacturers Association, Batesville Casket Company, Canadian Funeral Service Association, Oregon Funeral Directors Association, Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association, and many more.

Question: What are some of your qualifications as a professional speaker?

For more than 20 years, I have been invited to speak to funeral professionals and businesses on numerous issues. I have worked with a Fortune 500 Company providing training, customer service initiatives, and empowerment education for management and operational staff to their more than 200 locations in California. For over 5 years I was a national spokesperson and media contact for a national association.

Question: What are your fees?

One of the things that make me attractive is that my programs and presentations are customized. Costs are specific to each engagement. A short conversation allows us to sort out your specific needs and arrive at a cost within your budget. Clients tell me that my presentations and information shared are a true investment!

Question: Why should I buy your book?

My book is referred to as the “how to handbook” for funeral directors in serving cremation consumers. Many personal successes and failures are shared, in an easy to read fashion. It is a practical guide in opening the door to the true opportunity of cremation, to understanding the expectations of the cremation consumer, to not being just an order taker in the arrangement conference but responding in a positive, professional way to requests for cremation.

Question: How am I different from other consultants?

For one, I’ve been in the trenches! More than 35 years of owning and operating my own business teaches me that funeral directors, more than anything else, are selling a relationship. A funeral home – any business – is a collection of human relationships. Operating in a marketplace surrounded by competition serving more than 10,000 families a year, my marketing and operating principles helped me to triple the number of families served and increase revenues 5 times. I can help you do the same thing!

I like to say that I work with each operation and staff from the inside out…not from the outside in. It’s more than a numbers game or set formula…each operation is unique and each marketplace and service area is different. Give me a call so we can discuss your needs.

Question: How will my group benefit from having Mike Kubasak speak to them?

Mike leaves an audience with practical concepts that are easily transferable to the business or one’s personal life. He does it with great stories, humor, proven principles of business and customer service, and shares information that is relevant and easily implemented. He’ll help you grow your business, sell more services and products, attract and retain the best employees, and build better relationships at home, in the community, and in the workplace.

Question: Mike tell me, how did you establish a highly successful business in such a competitive marketplace?

Harmony at home and in the workplace, plus focusing on my market, says a lot. But, it is through building relationships in the community, capitalizing on network marketing, and employing a well trained, motivated professional staff that brings your business to the next level. Give me a call so we can discuss how it can be done for you, too.